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We have you covered

Sourcing and selecting seats can be highly complex determining tradeoffs between comfort, size, add-on features, and weight can be challenging. There are a huge variety of options on the market from super light economy triple seats, to single business class lie flat seats and even triple premium economy class seat with integrated screens just to mention few of them. Selection can be influenced by the airline fleet strategy, weight targets, budget availability, and even program type (linefit or retrofit). Furthermore, existing seats can be modified with new seat covers, in-seat power, add-ons and cushions to modernize the existing cabin. Supply markets can often vary with certification requirements to consider and sometimes the need to seek approvals from seat OEMs. Seats offer airlines endless possibilities to differentiate themselves and can have a big impact on passenger perceptions and satisfaction. Aereo-Consulting can help you whether you are buying or selling seats, navigating the market or securing the seat that best fits your needs - we have you covered!

Current seats available:

  •  Recaro 3510 for B737, 189 pax, location Ireland, AR or SCV

  •  Zodiac Z100 fo B737, 189 pax, location Ireland, SVC

Aircraft seats: Dienstleistungen
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