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Fixing you up

Possibly the most interesting / fun area of the aviation world with a number of unique characteristics. Whether tackling an existing solution or creating an entirely new program, every MRO, airline and lessor face the same challenges:

  • Are the parts available? 

  • Can I get them on time? 

  • Has this part already been certified?

  • Do the FAA, EASA and/ or local authorities need to approve them? 

  • Is the design data ready? 

  • Who can actually perform the modification and support on-site?

Modifications to the aircraft come in two forms: those that add new equipment or features to the aircraft (referred to as alterations), and those aimed at re-establishing the original strength and integrity of damaged or worn areas of the aircraft (referred to as repairs). Programs can vary significantly from a minor change like a LOPA change on the aircraft to a major change such as a passenger-to-freighter conversion or integration of connectivity. Aereo-Consulting can help you to find the best solution no matter what your budget or timing requirements are – let us fix you up. 

Retrofit solutions: Service
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